Kristy Suttner’s Six Inches Is Shamelessly Layered Thick With Fears, Fantasies And Fetishes

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SIX INCHES written and directed by Kristy Suttner who also performs in the play together with Dikelo Mamiala and Bongile Gorata Lecoge-Zulu. Six Inches serves the salacious, strong and spicy tea of three unlikely friends.

What would we do without Six Inches? It is witty, sharp, layered with suspense and a whole lot of ‘o’ no, she did not!’ moments.

The theatre piece is an hour long detailing sizzling stories dealing with love, lust and everything between the sheets. No details spared, you get what you pay for and have the right to demand it if only for an hour or however long your designer purse can carry you. Bongile Gorata Lecoge-Zulu’s character knows all about that.

The wedding might be over, but the bridesmaids have a long night ahead of them. It’s everything you want to know and everything you never want to talk about. What would we do without Six Inches? Fears, fantasies, and fetishes feature in this fun romp behind the scenes at a less than ordinary girl’s night-in.

Six Inches is naughty theatre at its finest. A voyeurism into the world of three middle-class woman who has a full life to live, shamelessly only like a sexual suburbian princess knows how. Watching the show felt like I was watching a raw and beautifully developed unscripted messy reality TV show. Witty, sharp, layered with suspense and a whole lot of ‘o’  no, she did not!’ moments.

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