Zenzi Makeba-Lee and Afrika Mkhize Transports Us On a Trippy musical Whirlwind World Journey

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I had my timing mixed up. On the cold Friday night, I was within layers already standing outside the SB JAZZ & BLUES CAFÉ at 21:45. A whole 45minutes early to ZENZI MAKEBA LEE & AFRIKA MKHIZE’s show during National Arts Festival which I thought was scheduled to start at 22:30. When living legends put on a show a bitch ought to remain humble, arrive early looking cute and ready to be transported to musical whirlwind worlds unknown to them. That is exactly what I did and what happened to me.

Yes, I am being extra but if extra beckons. Extra spirits shall use me as a disciple.

If you want to talk #SquadGolas: The granddaughter of Miriam Makeba: Zenzi Makeba-Lee on vocals, the son of Themba Mkhize: Afrika Mkhize on keys, and Zenzi Makeba-Lee’s son: Lindelani Lee on percussion. Accoumpained by Michael Phillips (bass) and Leagan Breda (drums) an incredibly pure South African jazz feast of immeasurable proportions, an absolute sheer bliss, what a delight! I have never, I was in complete utter awe, finished! Purity, love, sincerity and positive energy. Yes, I am being extra but if extra beckons. Wxtra spirits shall use me as a disciple.

“You don’t get a more aristocratic South African jazz pedigree than the marriage – personal and musical – between the granddaughter of Miriam Makeba and the son of Themba Mkhize. And Zenzi Makeba Lee and Afrika Mkhize have carried the family musical torch further, with Zenzi a well-respected vocalist with a career forged in New York and Afrika the mercurial winner of the Standard Bank Young Artist Award for Jazz in 2012 with a prolific record of performance, composition and production.”

Watch a clip from the show here: https://youtu.be/l1LTXSYvFc4  on According To Jerri YouTube Channel. Subscribe to the channel so you never miss a thing!