Certain Level of Charm in Nungwi and Kendwa Village, Zanzibar

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We took a 1hour 30minutes drive from Stone Town to Nungwi village for a day excursion, Nungwi is a village at the northern end of Zanzibar. We rested on the beach for about an hour after struggling to get a shade on the beach. We swam, had something to drink had a chat then we dusted off the beach sand and made our way to Kendwa village which is less than 5 kilometres from Nungwi. Kendwa is located in the far north of Zanzibar, on the west coast overlooking the nearby small Daloni Island and the larger and more distant Tumbatu Island. I simply fell in love with Kendwa beach. When I go back to Zanzibar up north is where I will spend most of the days.