Lunch in Jambiani, Sundowners in Michamvi, Zanzibar

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One of my favourite things to do is walking. Wandering aimlessly through Jambiani and Paje village is something I did most. I wish I could use an adjective like ‘I did most with excitement; however, I cannot recall the excitement, it was just something I did with my time. I viewed it as some sort of a silent meditation until it got broken by a local who took interest in me and wanting to find out a few things about me, where you from, whats your name, how long you staying for and so forth. Midst conversation a  Masaai man told me I should go to Michamvi village and go see the sunset. I obliged. It was also on this day I tasted the tastiest spicy hot mango sauce I had with a portion of chips and salad from a street food vendor.