Logan Hing. 75% Chinese, 25% Coloured and Ever Stylish

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Background Check: My name is Logan Hing my mom calls me Sonny Boy and my friends call me Lowgy. I am 75% Chinese and 25% coloured. I graduated from the University of Johannesburg FADA (Faculty of Art Design and Architecture) with a degree in Multimedia Design. I create harmonious interactions between humans and digital products to earn my livelihood. I have 23+ tattoos on my body not sure if a sleeve counts as one actually? I work out 7 times a week. I drink Cream Soda more than water – jokes – and I eat eggs more than bread.

Over and Beyond: Logan is the founder of South Africa’s first community lost pet reuniting app called @ohwhizkers and the talented designer behind the Jenny Andrew illustration .

Personal Mission Statement: Life is a beautiful journey and every day is filled with greatness if you just take the time to observe the natural order.

Personality Traits: I am a Virgo. One thing that is spot on that best describes my personality characteristics according to horoscopes is my marriage to the attention of detail and one thing that does not define me is ironically my Virgo horoscope.

World. The Oyster: One city in the world I will never get over is, unfortunately, I haven’t started my travel journeys, but through books, I have read it certainly is Paris! lol and the one city I am content with having visited once is the Paris (in my dreams literally)

Self-Care: My best eat out spot in Joburg is the Foundry and Cafe Pronto. Best for coffee and hanging out is Starbucks Rosebank and best for dancing is, I am not sure as I have not been out dancing in like forever. My idea of having boring is waiting in long lines and my idea of relaxing is watching the sun rise and set  For R20.00 I would buy a soft serve and with R50 000.00 I would visit Paris

Looking Sharp: The one fashion item I deem the ‘IT’ item for this season is my sequenced red pants and the one ‘IT’ classic fashion item I wished I owned is a vintage houndstooth overcoat. Price is important, however, when I go shopping I am more interested in quality than price. My all-time best buy is a leather biker jacket and I still wear it!

Scent & Smiles: my all-time favourite scent is Dolce & Gabanna’s The One and when it comes to flowers Orchids makes me smile.

Secret Wishes: If I had superpowers, I would fly.

 Words to live by: Stay True