Leuwks That Rose Above The Dust at Oppikoppi Music Festival 2018

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Reality is that it takes a lot to look cute and pull off a fashionably festivaly (totally made that one up)  get-up especially at Oppikoppi. There is a 30minutes threshold or less to maintain noteworthy optics at Mordor. Beyond that time frame, the dynamics start to change as one gets speedily peppered with enough dust to care. Vibe over leuwks, although, an element of effort is always appreciated.

Once your fragrance starts losing its aroma to the pungent mixture of sunburn, wet wipes smell, and dust you start chanting the unifying Oppikoppi spiritual mantra ‘in dust we trust‘ to make everything better. That mantra will keep you going throughout the weekend. Whenever you are on the verge of a dust-induced asthmatic attack, major sinus blockage, a bronchitis-esque cough, a developing black lung, an impaired vision and so forth.

However, it is always a treat to spot a few leuwks at this particular music festival worth the effort and time. The vibe is always in abundance. The guy walking around in his own portable speaker at a music festival? Positive. I stan a king with a backup plan and who will not let the DJ’s playlist spoil his groove.

The girl summiting di koppi high heels? also, there! I stan thee ultimate kween op die koppi in bloed rooi hoëhakskoene disrupting the normalized social construct of festival fashion. I watched her in delight as she nonchalantly hike up die koppie to the Redbull stage in a full leuwk. She was using the trying route by the food section side (where Skelm stage used to be). Either her motto is “flats are for quitters” or she subscribe to Victoria Beckham notion that “I can’t concentrate in flats!” Whatever it is I am here for all of it.