Introducing the strikingly demure Olga Victoria Golbert in David Tlale

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Introducing the strikingly demure Olga Victoria Golbert of Photography, styling and creative direction by Mia Mokgofe. Wardrobe by David Tlale, eyewear by SunglassHut and custom accessories by La Shongwe Designers. Footwear by Christian Louboutin and Dolce & Gabbana.

Receipts Please: My name is Olga Victoria Golbert my mom calls me Olya and my friends call me Olga. I am of Russian and Israeli descent with more Israeli in me. Russian princess and Israeli gangsta hybrid. I graduated from Greenside Design Center with a degree in Interior Design and the University of Liverpool with a Masters in Psychology.

Personal Mission Statement: Life is beautiful and words to live by is “let go and let God” and “everything exists”. You choose.

Personality Traits Self Diagnosis: My star sign is Scorpio, one thing that is spot on that describes my personality characteristics according to horoscopes is that I am intense, mysterious and sexy, however, one thing that does not define me is that I am jealous, possessive, and manipulative.

Self-careMy best eat out spot in Joburg is the View restaurant at the Four Seasons. best for a drink and hanging out Marble and best for dancing is my kitchen. Speaking of which, my idea of having fun is a gorgeous dinner with lots of champagne and my idea of relaxing is tea and good book.

Catching Fleeting Flights and Coint Matters: One city in the world I will never get over is Paris and the one city I am content with having visited once is Barcelona. For R50.00 I would buy coffee and with R5000.00 I would add another Eric Bompard cashmere scarf to my collection.

Serving LeuwksThe one fashion item I deem the ‘IT’ item for this season is the fanny pack. and the one ‘IT’ classic fashion item I am fine not owning is the Celine luggage tote. Listen, the price is important, however, when I go shopping I am more interested in quality and longevity of the garment than price. My all-time best buy is my black velvet ballerina skirt from Alaïa and I still wear it. If I had superpowers, I would be invisible in my black velvet ballerina skirt from Alaïa. My all-time favourite scent is vanilla and when it comes to flowers huge pink peonies make me smile.