ATJ Dinner: Pizza & Wine at Col’Cacchio

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Nothing like a shared meal and quality time spent between the ones you choose to surround yourself with, be it friends and strangers over glasses of wine and pizzas. The pizza-and-wine combo always works like a charm. The tricky part is figuring complementary guests to sit together on one intimate table. In order to have an all-embracing conversation among varied personalities over a charming meal. Most importantly making sure the guests arrive and if they do arrive that they arrive on time.

Dinner spot for the night was Col’Cacchio Bryanston. Popular pizza for the night? Nadia Jaftha  ‘Jou Ma Sala’ – a spicy chicken Masala infused pizza did most of the charming on the menu side of things. The vegan pizza options on the menu were also quite a delight – double wink to all the plant-based diet babes out there.

What I recently found out is that Col’Cacchio has partnered with Jack Parrow, Siba Mtongana and Nadia Jaftha to create their very own limited edition square shaped pizzas. Which are currently available at all Col’Cacchio restaurants in SA and Namibia –  from 7 September to end November 2018. The objective of the partnership is to raise much-needed funds for the Children’s Hospital Trust, on behalf of the Red Cross War Memorial Children’s Hospital, in an effort to contribute to their goal of R112 Million to build a state-of-the-art ER Unit. Since 2009 the Celebrity Chef Showdown has raised over R2 million for charitable causes through the R5 donation from the sale of each celebrity chef pizza.