Sneak Insight: Thuso Mdebu Stuns at The International Emmy Awards 2017

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A week before her departure to New York to attend the International Emmy Awards where she was nominated for the Best Performance by an Actress. Thuso Medu’s team hosted a private dress rehearsal session for her at the Jenna Clifford studio in Morningside. Where the actress got to pick the fitting jewelry to finish off the voluminous sea spray blue full flair gown by Gert-Johan Coetzee. Thuso Mbedu said: “From the very first time I fit the dress on, I really got really emotional because it made the experience feel that much more real. So I am really, really happy with it.

The actress chose the statement Jenna Clifford’s clip-on earrings called the pink square brûlée sapphires. They are called brûlée because the sapphire gemstone is not polished to shine. The earrings are made out of a pink sapphire gemstone cut in a princess diamond shape, set in white gold, with a diamond trim around the sapphire. Underneath the bold sapphire, there is a smaller diamond also in a princess cut with a lace covering the dangling baroque pearl. The earrings stand for power, love, truth, patience, and beauty. One would assume that that is all or some of the qualities Thuso embodies and live by.