17 Sandstorm Resisting Moments from Major Lazer’s Performance at Lake of Stars 2018

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The music programme of  Lake of Stars in Salima, Malawi reached a sandstorm fever pitch high when Major Lazer, the American electronic dance music trio took to the main stage on Sunday night. The no less than 40km/h wind that was scooping the tiny sand from the lake shore and assaulting the gathered crowd with it was painstakingly brutal to endure. However, the trio (record producer Diplo, and DJs Jillionaire and Walshy Fire) showcased incredible showmanship. This was a very difficult act to watch , as I imagine is was as difficult to perform . At some point my  eyes dried out off tears and had to  pinch out sand out of my eye sockets with my fingers. My patience and pain resistance threshold were highly tested. After having missed Diplo’s surprise gift-set at Afrika Burn in 2016 because I went to sleep early there was no way I was missing Major Lazer live act in Malawi.