Take The Scenic Long Route Through The Eastern Cape and Explore Port Alfred

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I did Grahamstown National Arts Festival earlier this year a little differently. I spent very cold four days covering the arts festival and thereafter I hit road in the new Opel Mokka X and missioning through the Eastern Cape.  Listening to music, singing out loud, dancing, stopping on the side of the road to smell the wild flowers, sun worshiping and soaking all the beauty this country has to offer.
I am very big on solo travel trips, especially road trips, I treat this time as a form of meditation.

Give me a comfortable good driving car, a good playlist, a flexible schedule and I can spend hours on the road driving for days to no end. Occasionally entertaining myself by greeting passing truck drivers – who seem to appreciate the occasional greeting from a random roadie – chasing sunsets, moon & stars gazing and greeting sun rises in complete awe of it all. It is beautiful, I appreciate it and I am grateful for it all.

I spent two days in Port Alfred, not enough time, definitely need to go back; and I was completely taken aback by this town. Words fail me to go further than this when this happens I resort to visual storytelling. Enjoy the photo essay from my time spent in Port Alred.

Thank you General Motors South Africa for your generosity for loaning me the vehicle for my trip and Mahusiano for facilitating the process. Appreciated.