Road Trip of Feels and Mystical Theories to eSwatini

A few weeks ago I was invited on an overnight stay media trip to Durban for the launch of Suzuki’s new car offering. Their sedan, Dzire and Swift, the nifty hatchback. Having been on multiple media trips, I am always curious to see how the next one will better the previous one.  As everything in life, you are only as good as your last delivery. For Suzuki, this was the first time they invited other guests to their products launch outside the traditional motoring media fraternity. They enlisted the services of Hello Conversations, a Johannesburg based communications agency  – that describes itself as ‘a communications agency focused on influencer relations – to connect the Suzuki brand with the relevant digital content creators and influencers. Granted the Suzuki Swift is targeted towards millennials and Gen Z. Their to-go-to-market launch campaign and strategy is evidence of that with the umbrella campaign message being a hashtag – #AllTheRightFeels. You can see the TVC here. Why #AllTheRightFeels you may ask? Apparently, millennials are ‘always in their feels’; and I say, Show me the lie.
After having spent half the morning driving around the outskirts of Durban city in the Suzuki Dzire and Swift. I craved a proper weekend away road trip. Fast forward a few weeks later I was en-route to eSwatini this past weekend. A small, landlocked monarchy in Southern Africa formerly known as Swaziland. eSwatini is a comfortable less than 4hours drive from Johannesburg. That’s if you go via Ermelo and do not get stuck at the border for over 2hours.
What is a road trip without some companionship, meditation. I love solo road trips but I also like a fine balance in life. For this trip, I was accompanied by three incredible respective personalities, energies and creatives. The front passenger seat was occupied by Olwethu “DJ Olwee” Mlotshwa a DJ and a content / creative director at a production company popularly known to produce Somizi Mhlongo and Bonang Matheba’s reality TV shows. The right rear seat was adorned by Siphosihle ‘Snow White’ Masango, Project Runway South Africa contestant, and one of David Tlale studio internal designers. In the left rear-passenger seat was Phumlani ‘Beasty’ Kango, a writer and advocate for LGBTIQ+ sexual health and mental health matters. Granted the conversations and laughter during the trip were intense. The sights whilst swiftly maneuvering the beautiful and enchanting South African and eSwatini landscapes were breathtaking. 
The purpose of the trip was to spend Saturday attending the inaugural of eSwatini Gay Pride. Doing our bit to stand in solidarity with the Lesbians, Gays, Bisexual, Transgender, Intersex, Queer, Questioning, Asexual and Allies (LGBTIQQAA) community of eSwatini. Where homosexuality is still deemed illegal. That should tell you all about this thing we call ‘law’. Case in point: apartheid was once legal. Reminder: ‘gay rights’ are human rights. However, if you are here I believe I am preaching to the choir. Cue in: #AllLivesMatter as it is befitting. That is how you use it not to counteract the other’s efforts whilst they are within the movement. Ultimately, love always wins. Yes, the experience of having been at the first eSwatini Pride got us in our “feels”. It was beautiful, enough and peaceful. 
I am no car boffen but I have driven a few different cars to be able to formulate an educated opinion based on my experiences and feelings. You can argue however, you cannot discount nor add to that.  From having driven the premium arctic White, 2018 Suzuki Swift this past weekend. I can share with you that in its category and price point (value for money) the car is easy on gas.  It is quite a comfortable drive with just about enough finishes – aux cabale, Bluetooth, electric windows, cup holders, USB port and so forth. Very spacious inside and the trunk too. I was silently delighted when I noticed that we managed to fit 4-weekend getaway luggage in the trunk. Space was also the first thing Beasty and Snowy commented on when they first got into the car and realized that even the back seat was roomy. The rest of the selling points a salesperson will be able to tell you about if you are in the market like me. Thanks to Hello Conversations and Suzuki South Africa for having agreed to be our driving partner for this trip. Le kamoso.