Paledi Segapo Presents a Spectum of Colour for Spring Summer 2018

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“The collection is themed spectrum and it was inspired by the spectrum colours and I wanted to be colorful and less flowery,” said Paledi Segapo about his spring-summer womenswear and menswear collection. Palse Femme collection was designed by its newly appointed creative director Braynsmore after the diversification of Palse in to Homme and Femme in 2016. Segapo brought out the menswear collection first which was designed by him followed by a womenswear collection by Bryansome, with the models walking to the sounds of Childish Gambino and Frank Ocean. “I wanted music that is has got a very easy soft flow to it. So that it is not too disruptive to the audience. So Childish Gambino and Frank Ocean’s music, I thought was very capturing because there is something very gravitating about them but not too much attention seeking” said Segapo. Watch video HERE