How Do you Practice Self Care?

One of the things I promised myself this year was to practice more self-care. Under the broad self-care umbrella, I included skincare as one of my highlights. Consequently, I promised myself a full body massage treatment of choice once a month and a skin care facial treatment every other two weeks. I know, goals. To hold myself accountable, I have only had one full body Thai massage and one facial treatment to date. I know, not so goals. I am a little disappointed in myself but such is life, it happens and that is the beauty of it all.


At some point during my facial treatment, I went into the most beautiful recharging deep sleep.

A few weeks ago I got the opportunity to go for a Team Dr Joseph’s intense purifying face treatment. Shout out to Red Marketing, Team Dr. Joseph’s PR agency. That is when I remembered my long abandoned self-care new year promises I made to myself. In any case…

Team Dr. Joseph’s applies a holistic way of treating skin. Not only does this brand have an incredible story and ethos backing it up. Their skincare methodology is an in-depth cleansing regime specific to everyone’s skin type. The 50minutes Intense Purifying facial treatment I went for was everything. Every time I am at a spa it dawns upon me how important practicing self-care is. It is a space that makes you appreciate a simple involuntary exercise such as breathing. Much like a yoga session. Breathing properly that is, because living in a city like Johannesburg everything is a rat race. We are constantly rushing and panting about. We take for granted simple things such as slowing down, disconnecting and taking a breather. At some point during my facial treatment, I went into the most beautiful recharging deep sleep. The type of sleep you can feel yourself breathing in a crisp breeze and feeling like you are free falling into a dark whole whilst laying on your back. It is a type of letting-go sleep, which can wake you up in a sort of a panic attack. If you are anxious and do not let yourself free from your consciousness.

The Intense Purifying facial treatment session started with an inspiring and balancing air spray with deep breathing exercises. Next was the gentle massage to stimulate the lymphatic system lymphatic. An application of warm steam compressed with purifying pore refining essence and crystal salt rose. Without giving too much away, the session went on for the most relaxing 50minutes of my time that day which was finished off with the neroli flower (one of my favourite scent) toner and some more deep breathing exercise and a few minutes alone to center myself.

After the session, I was gifted the daily purifying facial cream. Which has encouraged me to wash my face before I go to sleep (almost) every night. Something I really wanted to develop into a habit as well this year was to wash my face every night before bed and hydrate the skin with either a serum or cream. I was also, given tips on how to use things like honey, avocado etc as facial masks, using citric fruits like papaya and lemon as organic peels and so forth. It is always great to learn something new and be armed with valuable information.