Ellipses The Time It Takes To Think Is Three Dots

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ELLIPSES  is a Cape Academy of Performing Arts dance piece that mesh of various dance genres choreographed by Michelle Reid and Kirsten Isenberg; directed by Debbie Turner & Nathalie Vijver.

Ellipses is described as “the time it takes to think is three dots. Life is a series of ellipses, a series of pauses and waiting in spaces. A state of suspension; a place devoid of noise filled with reflection. It’s not we who shape words, but the words we use that shape us. Returning for their 14th NAF season with a new production that promises to enthrall.”

Watch a clip from the show here: https://youtu.be/l1LTXSYvFc4  on According To Jerri YouTube Channel. Subscribe to the channel so you never miss a thing!