Day 1: 64 Explosively Self-Expressive Style Moments From Afropunk Joburg 2017

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Afropunk Joburg 2017 officially opened their gates to their: no-ism, ultra-expressive, uncensored, pro-black, radical, pro-fluidity, inclusive, pro-intersectionality, non-binary, pro-diversity,  wonderland at the history-rich venue; Constitutional Hill in Johannesburg. Constitutional Hill has been defined as a place that “represents South Africa’s dark past and its bright post-apartheid future.” As expected there was no shortage of beauty, wonder, counter-culture culture, anti-establishment establishment and uncensored fashion and style. No doubt individuality was the order of the day, however, in such spaces as festivals you are bound to find your tribe and become part of a collective by default. The result being aggregated style power as a collective yet one can hold it up shall they branch out as an individual. Whatever your conclusion might be one thing is for sure, the beauty is undeniable.