Amanda Laird Cherry Looks To The Sea Waves That Evokes Feelings for SS18 Collection

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Amanda Laird Cherry (ALC) presented 36 womenswear looks that she says were about trying to evoke a feeling. A feeling that embodies a sense of nostalgia felt by Amanda whenever she is near the ocean. The collection was based on a memory of her lying in the sea just behind where the waves break, “I remember once lying flat on my back and looking into the sky and just feeling this beauty of movement and how you can feel. Waves have rhythm and they work in sevens and just being able to lay there and enjoying the powerful moment of nature”. The surreal moment in time metamorphosed into an inspiration for her spring-summer 2018 womenswear collection.

The models took to the runway in minimal, functional and layered looks in subdued neutrals: whites, black, navy, as well as shades of green and blue. Amanda described the fabrication and colors used in the collection as “beautiful with haunting lightness, femininity, and power mixed into one.” As one has come to expect from ALC, the collection predominantly used linens, cottons, and rayons, with the addition of Shweshwe, checks, stripes, chambrays and dobby cottons. The last looks of the collection featured the signature in-house designed print made from by-strips of fabric that was sewn in a pattern and then manipulated digitally and printed on to organza, voile, and silk cotton.

The proverbial rhythm of the waves intensified with each look that hit the runway until the last story of the collection which was more layered and voluminous. The collection moved from minimalistic ‘you will definitely find this look at The Space’ to maximalist ‘this piece is strictly made on order.” AThe styling and looks ranged from subtle ready-to-wear to dramatic maximalist looks of prints balanced with solid colours. “This had to do with balancing. Having to have commercial garments for the store but also wanting to express your own creativity and wanting to have that drama because my first love in life was to study drama, theatre, and acting. When I decided to do fashion I still wanted to have that outlet” said Amanda. Looking at the collection with the old wisdom in mind that states that the ocean waves travel in groups of seven, the seventh wave being the biggest of the lot. Amanda Laird Cherry’s collection which was predominately made of subtle looks magically grew new unrestricted voluminous fabric that ferociously moved with the wind to the finish line. Watch video HERE