Anderson .Paak & The Free Nationals Live at Afropunk JoBurg 2017

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The American singer, songwriter, rapper, drummer and record producer from Oxnard, California, Anderson Paak took to stage on New Years after DJ Kenzero’s new year celebratory set. Paak had incredible energy and worked all the three stages, the red, the green and the gold stage during his performance.  Afropunk Joburg stage was 3-in-1. The red to the left, the gold in the middle which was a small elevated DJ booth and the green to the right. During his performance, Paak was hopping from one stage to the next to the benefit of the massive crowd that was congregated far and wide to see his performance. However, I suspect this created a headache for the live feed video camera personnel who could not follow him around to get his shots. Great well-received performance.