88 Evanescent Moments You Most Likely Missed at Littlegig 2018

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Let’s get one thing out the way. The only thing that sucks about Littlegig is that we have to wait another year for Littlegig 2019. Driving back in a Ford Ranger FX4 on our way back from Wiesenhof farm in Stellenbosch’s Simonsberg mountains were the all-inclusive boutique 24hours festival was held. We asked each other if there was anything we respectively did not like about the festival or we wish they could have done better or improved on and all 6 of us couldn’t even bring one complaint to the table.


Littlegig 2018 was an absolute treat, a melting pot of the ittest ITs peppered delicately with sparkle and shine. Spearheaded by Georgia Black, Justin Letschert and the team the third instalment of the festival ran like a well-oiled machine. You would swear it has been going on for years. Then again having dealt with the Littlegig team prior to the festival and having observed Georgia Black on Saturday and Sunday serving major leuwks relentlessly and working the forest chatting with her guests like she knew all 1500 of them personally. One can easily understand the psyche behind the festival. It has that homey feel that can only be preserved by maintaining the small-scale intimacy of the festival.


One of the things that are different about Littlegig is that after sunset people go shower and change into a second look for the night. Something more ferocious, sparklier and attention-grabbing than their day look. Unlike other festivals where one would go change into something more subdued and generally warmer to party the night away in to wee hours of the morning. At Littlegig sunset means the ‘going out’ leuwk needs to pull through. Speaking of which fewer costumes more real clothes that show your sense of style, please. The weather held it together for the duration of the festival one thing one should always be grateful for considering that we are dealing with Cape Town weather here.


The festival sells out very quickly for obvious reasons. So get your Littlegig 2019 tickets as soon as they go on sale.