ATJ Talent and Fashion Figures of the year 2017

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ATJ Talent and Fashion Figures of the year 2017
Vanessa Carreira - © Jerri Mokgofe Photography

Vanessa Carreira-Coutroulis, Mom of 4 & Food and Lifestyle Blogger. It is just incredibly hard for her to get it wrong. This look will go in in the South African fashion history books. She gave us an image. She is a vision. The look is iconic. Reference for South African fashion in the year 2017.

ATJ Talent and Fashion Figures of the year 2017
Dumi Gwebu - © Jerri Mokgofe Photography

Dumi Gwebu, Fashion Entrepreneur. His polished sartorial style is never forced. It can hold its own in the boardroom or at a city rooftop gin bar, at any given moment. He is doing it well for all the dads' with style out there. Dumi's contribution to the South African fashion-entertainment industry as a professional stylist is well documented and has a far-reaching range.

ATJ Talent and Fashion Figures of the year 2017
Crystal Kasper and Palesa Mhlaba - © Jerri Mokgofe Photography

Crystal Kasper and Palesa Mhlaba of DuoDesk, Fashion Entrepreneurs. Same-same but never the same. The style duo's notable aggregated style power comes from perfecting the art of twinning without twinning. You could call it the intersectionality between collectivism and individuality. Palesa started her career in the magazine industry and later moved on to work in corporate South Africa. She still contributes to the South African fashion industry from her office job and her personal digital space together with Crystal Kasper.

ATJ Talent and Fashion Figures of the year 2017
Thapelo and Lesego-Tshepang Mokoena © Jerri Mokgofe Photography-32

 Thapelo (Actor, Producer) and Lesego-Tshepang Mokoena (Entrepreneur). One word: ethereal. Lesego-Tshepang is one of the founders and owners of the fashion brand Charlie Irish that specialises in loose-fitting silhouettes.

ATJ Talent and Fashion Figures of the year 2017
Kyle Zietsman - © Jerri Mokgofe Photography

Kyle Zietman, Lawyer. His style is rooted from his it being based on wearing a single stand-out piece. It is punk-chic, rough yet seamless and you cannot help yourself but keep looking. He understands the meaning of dress and appearance management. He approaches and executes both with a street-cum-academic finesse. 

ATJ Talent and Fashion Figures of the year 2017
Teddy Nkonde - © Jerri Mokgofe Photography

  Teddy Nkonde, Fashion Retail Consultant. He is the fashion style’s poster child for the Scandinavian clean lines and Japanese overlapping proportions within the South African context. He has perfected that aesthetic and made it his own. Every look is pulled off meticulously well. Teddy would be able to tell you everything that is to know about South African retail industry at any given day given his extensive work within the industry.

ATJ Talent and Fashion Figures of the year 2017
Kim Slaffa and Nape Phasha - © Jerri Mokgofe Photography

Kim Slaffa and Nape Phasha, Millennial Power Couple. These kids are doing it for the culture. They are constantly serving wavy and saucy leuwks. They set the bar for the streets and it is hard to catch them slipping. If it is ‘IT’ they probably had it when it dropped. If that got you confused, you probably need to brush up your millennial lingo. Their style provides a snapshot of South Africa's fashion scene in 2017 within a specific youth subculture. A consumer target market category Nape Phasha caters to with his streetwear store, La Familia.

ATJ Talent and Fashion Figures of the year 2017
I See A Different You - © Jerri Mokgofe Photography

  Fhatuwani Mukheli, Vuyo Mpantsha, and Justice Mukheli of I See A Different You. A three-course serving of delectable Afrique style cuisine is what you will get from the boys. Be it urban, contemporary, streets, smart, you name it their style has it covered.  I See A Different You (ISADY) have achieved a lot within their sphere of operation and went on to build their own agency that does work to change and contribute to the South African narrative through the use of imagery.

ATJ Talent and Fashion Figures of the year 2017
FAKA - © Jerri Mokgofe Photography

  Desire Marea and Fela Gucci of FAKA, Performance Artists, Musicians, and Visual Activists. Everything the forceful duo do orbit the making of an impactful visual. FAKA understand that image is powerful. They use the power of fashion and image to craft a unique non-binary style in their performances as artists, musicians and activists.

ATJ Talent and Fashion Figures of the year 2017
Cynthia Allie - © Jerri Mokgofe Photography

Cynthia Allie, Dress Designer. Her style revolves around the ever-evolving classic crisp white button-down shirt. Her wardrobe is made up of all kinds white shirts reinterpreted and styled in multiple ways that seem never to date. She is one part of Sisi White shirt collection



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