Gert-Johan Coetzee SS21 ‘Kraal Couture’

Gert-Johan Coetzee (GJC) trekked back to Koster, North West were he grew up for inspiration and it was the Nguni cows in his family kraal that fed his fashion design creativity this season. 

“For centuries, the cow has been a significant symbol ​to ​South Africans, both culturally and spiritually; and the indigenous Nguni cows in particular, are considered to be the most beautiful, with their patterned hides. The collection is a juxtaposition of the softness of the Nguni cow print, representative of truth and freedom. With the stark construction of tulle, symbolic of the armour that needs to be shed, in order to embrace ourselves.”

This collection balanced the  playfulness of turquoise blue tulle reminiscent of the early design stages of GJC; with classic combination of cow-print and houndstooth on structured lines and ultra  cinched waist to exaggerate the female form. The blue is said to be “attributed to peace, and associated with the trustworthiness and tranquility. Black represents power, strength and sophistication. These qualities are also required to step into personal power, and afford depth and variation to the collection.” 

GJC says that this well edited and styled 10 looks collection was a for him to showcase this capability as a fashion designer “I wanted to do something out of the box that really shows what African Couture could look like…”

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