#NedbankBucketList Campaign Encourages You To Take Care of Your Money and Live Your Best Life

Nedbank’s latest campaign titled #NedbankBucketList encourages us to start managing our money effectively in order to live life to the fullest. A positive message with a subtext of encouraging financial literacy, the notion of self-care, and serves as a reminder to tick a few things off our bucket list. Essentially, taking care of your finances is a form of self-care. It is a pretty straightforward concept. If you take care of your money, your money will take care of you. We have heard this being reiterated so many times by various people.

Blink twice if you have a bucket list, a secret one also counts. Yes, that collection of fabulous things we would really love to experience or own during our lifetime. Some bucket lists are documented in the form of Pinterest boards, Instagram saved posts, a vision board stuck against the wall in your home or a never-ending handwritten list in a personal journal.

For some, the bucket list includes boarding a plane to anywhere really, taking a ride on a Gautrain, attending Fashion Week, seeing Beyonce perform live in Johannesburg later this year  (I feel your pain, Beehives – the Kween is coming and you might not be inside that stadium), skydiving, learning how to swim and so forth.

For others, priority may be to buy a new digital camera, start a business, get that new eyeshadow colour palette, complete a degree, apply for that MBA or even get a puppy. You know what’s on your list. If you show me yours, I will show you mine…

Nedbank is saying used correctly, your bank card can be used as a financial tool to unlock your aspirational lifestyle and it is going to take more than just the power of intention and sending signals to the universe. You gotta meet the universe halfway.

I have done some digging and found out that financial institutions like Nedbank have some hidden perks you probably didn’t know about. I will also spill some tea on how you can fund your lifestyle on the bank’s expense using your cheque card and/or credit card. Let’s get into it,

  1. Nedbank Greenbacks, the only rewards-based points that can be drawn as cash and used anywhere in the world.
  2. You can earn airmiles through the SAA Voyager card that allow you to earn rewards for every cent you spend, and then lets you tailor those rewards to your unique preferences.
  3. For the avid traveler (s) the card offers automatic traffic insurance with the option to top-up plus 8 free visits to the Bidvest Premier Domestic lounge if you have a Platinum Credit Card.
  4. More convenient and quicker payments: Masterpass – scan pay and go. You don’t need a card to make a payment. Contactless cards – simply tap and go when you make payments.

The #NedbankBuckekList campaign is promising an opportunity to make your dream experiences come true with an exciting competition. Six Nedbank cardholders will win their own once-in-a-lifetime #NedbankBucketList experience to the value of R50 000. Go to www.nedbank.co.za/bucketlist  or visit any Nedbank branch for more details.


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