What Went Down at Le Kap Lifestyle Fair Debut in Johannesburg at Steyn City

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[vc_row row_type=”row” text_align=”left” css_animation=””][vc_column][vc_column_text]Nothing to do on a Saturday winter day in Johannesburg? There is no such thing  “there is nothing to do in Joburg” there is always something to do in Joburg City. People to see, places to go, people things to do, scams to execute or observe scammers in action, whichever one comes first. You will forever be spoilt for choice. On Saturday I embarked on a mission, across the city to attend the fourth annual Le Kap Lifestyle Fair. Le Kap Lifestyle Fair is dubbed as one of “SA’s most luxury lifestyle events” which made its debut in Johannesburg hosted at Steyn City. After being hosted in Cape Town for the past three years. When Matilda politely announced on my GPS “take the second exit at the roundabout and you will arrive at your destination”. Before my eyes, I was welcomed by an extravagant entry where I was short of being asked for DNA mouth swabs by security personnel in order to gain entry into the city.


If you have never heard of Steyn City here with some background for context: Steyn City is gated community city said to be bigger than the whole of Sandton. According to 2oceansvibe “Douw Steyn is one of South Africa’s richest men, with a personal fortune of well over R8 billion. Steyn owns Auto and General Insurance, and left South Africa in 1992 to launch the Budget Insurance group in London. He has returned, and will be making a permanent mark on the Johannesburg landscape by creating a residential estate bigger than the whole of Sandton.” Yes, Douw Steyn is Caroline Steyn’s husband. I drove through the massive and raw picture-esque Steyn City land,  in awe. I couldn’t help but wonder what will become of it all after man has unleashed his property development skills upon Mother Nature.


Naturally, I had lots of questions about this city but luckily the answers are already online. If you are intrigued just grab a cup of tea and do as desktop search “Steyn City” and see what pops up. Prepare yourself there will be a lot of socioeconomic op-eds that raises more questions.  If you have never been to Steyn City go see for yourself. Perhaps plan a dinner, brunch or lunch at Nineteen restaurant nestled at Steyn City Golf Club House or a drink at the bar lounge across the restaurant, a walk in the park or a game of golf. No?


Some of the partners for 2017 Le Kap Lifestyle Fair were, Nedbank Private Wealth and CIB, Louis XIII, Remy Martin, Embassy Direct, MCC Aviation, The Botanist Islay Dry Gin, Heineken, Coca-Cola SA and Lancôme. Drinks were on tap, selfies, and flashlights on high rotation. After the horse jumping show with the winners being announced by one of Steyn City celebrity brand ambassadors Bonang Matheba.  A musical performance was then provided by an electronic violinist, Caitlin De Ville. To round off the programme, TBo Touch dressed in a striking jeweled toned blue coat with fur sleeves accents by Row-G. Introduced the fashion element of the event where designers, Gert Johan-Coetzee, Jacques Lagrange, Quiteria & George and Warrick Gautier showcased their latest collections on the catwalk.


The last marquee to wrap was the NBA, where a 2hours long after party ensued. TBo Touch then whispered in my ear that the after-after party was at the Steyn City Club House. That is where a handful of us ended up for a mini controlled kiki. 

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