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I just couldn’t decide which shot to share with you. So I will leave the decision making process to you; who would you rather vanilla or dark chocolate, chicken or beef, Max Mmethi or Francios Nel?

The piece that made this look was the bespoke Gert-Johan Coetzee turquoise jacket with the rocker-esque spikes & studs embellishment. Primarily I was not cray-cray about the jacket when I saw it but like they say it’s the inner beauty that matters; I was sold when I saw the lemon-green lining. It just adds character to the jacket, definitely a hit worn with the sleeves rolled up to reveal the inner beauty.
I had to add a dash of glam by throwing in a sequenced infinity scarf in to the works.
So motion of the ocean here is: this entry is not about noir or blanch but the lemon-green lining.
  • Venusseed | Apr 17, 2012 at 2:08 am

    I feel you on the turqouise jacket and yeah the lemon-green lining…..
    And in terms of choice…I would go with Max though I aint feeling his pose unless it’s own purpose (like he is stealing a picture shot). Both the models Francoise and Max seem misplaced in this pic (their facial expressions). It looks like they were photoshopped into this pic…or were they.

    I love your work Jerry *selfconfessedfan*

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