Get The Look: A Weekend Away Excursion With Ford Focus

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[vc_row row_type=”row” text_align=”left” css_animation=””][vc_column][vc_column_text]The same way I plan my flying look, I plan my driving look especially when it is long distance driving. Like driving all the way from Johannesburg to the Karoo. Stylish and comfort are still key. Speaking of which, Ford South Africa hooked me up with a Ford Focus for my weekend away excursion. 

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Motswana orile: mong tsamaisa bosigo ke moleboga bosele. The road to the karoo is anything but pretty. Midst all the off roads and dust storms anything can happen. This #FordFocus was a brilliant drive and companion. What I  enjoyed most from spending days driving this car was the traction and the electronic stability control. The EcoBoost engine with auto transmission has some mean power much required for overtaking those never-ending scary trucks on the N1. The car feels settled on the road, great drive and handling. The driver assistance systems are also just ?. Needed, especially for an over 12 hours long-distance drive. The Lane Departure Warning, front and rear sensors with a rear view camera are a treat. The driver assistance system also monitors the driver’s driving style if the driving deteriorates the system auto warns you of possible driver fatigue and recommends a rest. Warning: the car is quite low and the roof is also low, which means I couldn’t drive with my fierce top bun. I had to be Rapunzel about it and let down my huuur. Whilst jamming to the  beats @kingolwee hooked me up with! Until the next kiki ?

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