Get The Look: Life Through Salmon Coloured Optics

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I remember sent a text to Ella of Superella that read “I am going to Afrika Burn and I need an ‘ella moment. Would you be able to make me a look? Something dressy, karoo-ready, fabulous, Queen of the Karoo-esque but still city slick and ready. You are a GENIUS I know you can create something AMAZING for me. I am a blank canvas.”  Then Ella made me this gawjus salmon coloured long top. My initial thought when I saw it, was not what had in mind for AfrikaBurn. This is just too fabulous for roaming around the desert with. 

As you can you can style-up or style-down this moment. Love it with denims and adore it with formal slacks. Another `Superella for the win. 

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