Get The Look: Is Workout Wear for Not Working Out A Thing?

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Sometimes the intentions are there and they are good. You get ready to face the world by starting off at the gym for pilates, yoga session a spinning class or a power a walk on the treadmill. Or if that is not your thing the traditional on road-running always does the trick but then life happens. You start with the running tights and then you start building your work-out wear but then your workwear start looking a little too cute to be sweated on and then you just like fuck it, let’s go athleisure on this mofo. Replace the sweat vest with a cotton number tee, trainers with some fashion sneakers. Add some accessories and then you hit the streets straight up. You can be a little extra to complete the look and add a cup of skinny decaf pumpkin latte, almond milk, no sugar, please. Thanks. Green or red juice


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