ARMAND DICKER: Career Life Post Fashion School, The Graduate Dishes

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Armand Dicker attended the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University and graduated in 2015 with a National Diploma in Fashion Design specializing in menswear. He is currently working as full-time styling assistant based in Johannesburg, dabbles as a model whilst still running his menswear fashion line called DICKER. Which he explained in  an interview with Herald Live that DICKER “it is an ode to my surname, I was teased about my name quite a lot growing up, so it was my way of reclaiming it…” I had a chat with Armand about the South African fashion industry and fashion institutions state of affairs based on his life experiences.

How vital is fashion school for someone who wants to work in the fashion industry?

I think it teaches you a lot of technical elements. It depends on what you want to do in fashion though. 

What is that one thing (some things) fashion school will teach you?

How to push through, how to present, it teaches you a lot about layout, and as I’ve said before technical knowledge. 

What’s one thing you would tell fashion students to expect in the real world?

Not everyone understands what goes into a garment, and don’t be too sensitive. The fashion industry is blunt. 

Which subject(s) you wish your institution offered whilst you were a student there?

I feel like our institution pretty much offered us a very well rounded program. I do however wish we touched more on marketing.

Which subject(s) would you add to all fashion school qualifications and why?

I think we need more subjects exploring pattern production and experimentation.

As someone who studied a fashion qualification and works within the field. What do you think needs to be done for the South African fashion industry to commercially grow exponentially? 

I think as people who are learning, we should all focus more on experience. Internships and working with designers or stylists. I think we have a lot to learn about growing businesses, we should take tips from the creatives who have already been around.

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