A Fabulous Culinary Experience at Cube Tasting Kitchen. Review by Rudy Donnelly

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[vc_row row_type=”row” text_align=”left” css_animation=””][vc_column][vc_column_text]If you’re looking for a 5-star setting, with accompanying formalities and décor, this is not the place. The place, however, is simple and minimalistic. The small dining area, seating about 30 guests, is linked to the open concept kitchen. Perfect for those wanting a bird’s eye view of the preparation and plating process. Perhaps be entertained by all the excitement and maybe drama that professional kitchens provide. The service was swift and the ambiance quite relaxed. The focus at Cube is clearly on the food and they more than delivered with each plate served over the +3 hour sitting.


Cube offers a 10-course tasting menu, offering small portions of dishes as a single meal. The menu provides a recommended drink to pair with most courses. The restaurant is strictly bring your own dranks at no corkage fee. Which is a delight, as you’re assured of having your favourite wine or bubbles with your meal without having to worry about breaking the bank.


Each course is proudly served by one of the chefs, who explain exactly what’s on your plate. Great touch it is to be served by the hands who prepared the meal. Each meal was a masterpiece on a plate, sparking an ongoing conversation amongst lovers and friends seated together as soon as it was placed on the table.


The 10 courses were thoroughly enjoyed, but I must add that it was a struggle to get through the final 2 courses as 10 courses- albeit a tasting menu- is a lot to get through. We were started off with a delightful plate aptly named “Sea Breeze” which included, amongst others, pickled squid heads, Zanzibar prawns, and a ginger emulsion. I could literally taste the sea! Next was the “Potato Parts” which comprised of potatoes in various glorious forms- confit, air, skin, croquet cleverly served in a ceramic plant pot. The third offering, “Flavours of Tom Yum” was a hot and sour delight and I must add that with all the flavours on point I did not miss the prawns which traditionally come with Tom Yum. I enjoyed the theater that came with this meal as the soup was poured into bowls already containing a few tit bits like tofu and edamame beans. Yum…meeee! The pallet cleanser of berry sorbet and mulled wine worked perfectly and the accompanying burning stick of cinnamon added a whole new sensory element to the dish.


The following course of duck with its out of this world flavours blew us away, but nothing could have prepared us for the next course of Beef in 10 different applications from oxtail ragout to pulled brisket to steamed tartare. This was beef in all its glory and included a shot glass with the tastiest beef broth to sip on in between. Pineapple and fennel, as well as the cheese custard pastry with onion jam, were served as perfect pre-dessert courses. Dessert was two courses of heavenly sweetness.


A vegetarian option is available for each course. Cube is well worth a visit for that special occasion food indulgence. If you’re wondering whether I’d go again? in a heartbeat!


Words –  Rudy Donelley // Photography and Edit – Jerri Mokgofe


Note: We went to this spot two years ago for my birthday and I asked (more like forced him) one of my really good friends Rudy Donelly to review the experience for me so I could publish it on the website. Beside him being an absolutely amazing person overall, I am talking A+, he is good peoples and incredible energy. He is a brilliant singer but you have to force him to sing now, our younger days he would belt out a melody at a drop of a hat. He is also a talented cook but often chooses to insults his skill by settling for those awful ready-made meals over him burning them pot bottoms and creating a feast to rival any hopeful master chef’s attempts in the kitchen . After years of forcing him to go to culinary school he finally cracked last year. When I had the talk with him  in the middle of a dance floor at a club. I know, of all places. If I knew that, that is all  it required to convince him, it would saved me a lot of time. Obviously am I simplyfying matters here, creative license. Allow. He is now enrolled at culinary school. I have asked him yet again numerous times to contribute to the site as a foodie writer but he is still not caving in.  Your next stops limitless my friend. I am thinking voice training sessions, food writing, food styling, food photography, opening up your own culinary destination the option are endless! Love you, mean it, as if!

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